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How do you draw forth joy every day especially in difficult times?

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

One to one dialogue makes me happy. With the current lockdown going on in my city and in many countries around the world, physically meeting up with people is an impossibility.

To keep my mental wellbeing high while this lockdown is in place, I decided to step out of my comfort zone and reached out to people on meetup.com; I’m so glad I did. Taking the courage to take the chats offline, I’ve had brilliant conversations with people I would otherwise never ever have encountered. I will endeavour to nurture these friendships.

Making new friends as you get older can be a bit difficult, can’t it? Do you remember as a child in primary school how friendships were the most important thing? How important are those human interactions now?

Whenever I chant and throughout the day, friends, family and acquaintances frequently pop into my head. I call, text or send messages of encouragement; hearing their voices really lifts me. Sometimes I arrange to chant in domei (at the same time) with my friends; we’re alone in our homes but we no longer feel alone.

I’ve been reading the gosho The Three Kinds of Treasure since December. Every time I read it I’m reminded of what truly drives me.

“More valuable than treasures in a storehouse are the treasures of the body, and the treasures of the heart are the most valuable of all. From the time you read this letter on, strive to accumulate the treasures of the heart!” - Nichiren Daishonin.

So, over to you. How do you draw forth joy every day especially in difficult times?

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