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You’re only as good as your last gongyo

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

You’re only as good as your last gongyo. I liked that line so much I decided to keep it as the title. It was said at a lecture and I think that’s quite a good attitude to have; not relying on the good work or the good causes you did the day before to carry you over. Every day is a brand new day to make a new fresh start.

When you chant, see it as building up a bank of good fortune. The more you chant, the more you’re depositing into your bank of good fortune. This bank analogy I heard before too so I can’t take credit for it.

It reminds me of a friend’s experience. He used to have a lot of anxiety so he would chant a lot so that he would be able to get through the day. Sometimes he’d wonder whether the effects of his daimoku would wear off and his anxiety would get the better of him.

I can go one day chanting loads then the next day my daimoku levels are down. I know it’s not all about chanting vast amounts, the quality of the daimoku matters too. A sincere prayer, determination while chanting even for 15 mins is better than hours of unfocused distracted chanting. The most important thing is having a consistent practice with a sincere heart and determination, however long you chant.

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