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My mini prayer was answered

Updated: Dec 16, 2023

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This is a follow up to the post I wrote in The Unity of Husband and Wife. There’s no major news to share but I'm taking this as a mini actual proof.

Last month while I was chanting, I asked the Gohonzon for a sign that things were moving in the direction that I wanted it to be. Maybe it was doubt, maybe it was impatience, either way I wanted a sign. As I continued chanting I got this strong urge to go to the gym like never before. It was as if something was telling me that no matter what I did that day, I needed to schedule a visit to the gym. So I went and nothing happened. No sign, nothing. I decided to carry on with the rest of my day and forgot about what I’d determined in front of my Gohonzon.

Later that evening while at my mum’s I received a phone call from a friend and during the conversation she asked me about my determinations for this year. As I was in the middle of telling her that I wanted a sign that my vision for my relationship would be a reality, before I could finish my sentence she interjected will complete certainty that I would achieve it. She said she’d noticed the way I am with people and the positive causes that I have been making so there was absolutely no doubt in her mind.

I left my mum's house thinking about what she said and then it struck me. Our conversation was the answer to my prayer in front of the Gohonzon that morning! What my friend said was the message I needed to hear. I was reminded that I had already made the causes and therefore the effect was bound to happen. There is no need for me to be impatient. The puzzle pieces of my relationship and everything else will piece together at the right time.

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